What I learn from Deborah and the support she provides has been instrumental for my success. Her work with my team made us focused, aligned, and ready to take on the next level of our fast growing business.
— Jessica Rolph, Founding Partner & COO, Happy Family

Each company, organization or team presents it's own, unique set of challenges and opportunities. The following is a more detailed description of the roles I can play and areas we can address. 

Strategic thought partner

A trusted advisor to address issues and opportunities in real time. A confidential sounding board to help you see how to get to an answer. Think of this as a resource for what keeps you up at night.

Areas we can address together include:

  • Business strategy and goals
  • Organizational strategy
  • Culture, vision, values
  • Change initiation and implementation
  • Staff hiring, development, challenges, high potential
  • Business operations key issues, focus, opportunities, process

Strategic visioning and planning

Determine where you are going and how to get there

  • Create or reaffirm your vision for the future

  • Create the roadmap for getting there—long and short term
  • Ensure alignment within your management team
  • Cascade goals throughout your company

Professional development for high performance

Build competencies and capacity for generating results

  • Executive coaching for individuals or small groups

  • Workshops on management and leadership
  • Custom workshops

Culture building

Explore, clarify, and create the culture you want

  • Confirm your company values

  • Identify the default culture that operates in your organization
  • Develop practices for cultivating and enhancing your culture

Team collaboration to produce extraordinary results

Build your teams and increase the effectiveness of existing teams

  • Team formation

  • Assessment: Identify issues in the way of success and learn how to shift
  • Goal setting
  • Team dynamics, including: 
       Comfort with conflict
       Effective decision-making
       Mindful collaboration
       Learning from mistakes and failure
       Essential communication tools
       Productive meetings

Dynamic meeting design and facilitation

Create the outcomes you are looking for in a meeting
Resolve highly charged situations

  • Team and company-wide retreats
  • Team meetings to focus on issues
  • Address conflict between individuals


This tool will give you a snapshot of how you are doing in four organizational areas. If three or more of these statements are true for you and your organization, you will benefit by making changes to how you are working—not just changing what you are doing.

Working with a consultant or coach will make a difference. Let's talk!