Are you ready to enhance your playbook and take your leadership to the next level?

Do you believe you can make a greater impact—more of a difference for your customers, staff, maybe even the world? As business leaders we are committed to generating results. Often we achieve what we set out to do and we feel successful.

Other times we are not getting the results we want. Are any of these challenges in your way…

  • Unsure how to navigate difficult conversations or situations, so you avoid them
  • Stuck at times in your 'comfort zone' and avoiding the risks that could lead to big breakthroughs
  • Feel frustrated with the performance of one or more team member
  • Recognize you’re not inspiring your team (as much as you would like) to do their best work
  • Find yourself occasionally in interpersonal situations that create stress and overwhelm


Is it time to tackle your next leadership edge, so you can: 

Lead with more impact? 
Move with more velocity? 
Motivate and energize your team?
Improve your workplace relationships?


If you are a business owner, executive or senior level leader who is ready to...

  • Make a measurable shift in your leadership—in how you see yourself and how others see you
  • Work on real issues in real time
  • Take actions you didn’t think were possible 

And you would like to…

  • Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • Have greater ease and confidence in challenging situations 
  • Inspire more trust, engagement, and higher performance in your team
  • Be a more resilient, next level leader

Then I invite you to join 

This course is based on the premise that personal transformation leads to extraordinary business results. By participating you will discover how to:

  • Articulate the results you want with clarity and generate them with ease
  • Increase your self-awareness and access the power that comes from within
  • See new possibilities you have not seen before
  • Recognize when you are stuck and learn to successfully adjust


  • Shift how you respond to others and see changes in how others respond to you 
  • Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Take bold new actions.....and much more

Leadership is often lonely! 

I hear this from leaders all of the time. While you may have a few loyal friends or confidantes, it is not always safe to talk with team members or peers about some of the issues you face – especially personal issues related to your leadership role. And often our close friends outside of work just don't get it!

Participating in The Results Accelerator Course with peers from other companies is a great way to learn and get support.


The Results Accelerator Course is a high-touch online, interactive program. Next course dates will be announced soon.

The course is designed for you to have a major shift in at least one area you identify. I will give you strategies and tools that you can immediately put into practice and you will start to see results. We will be a small group with a lot of opportunity for personal attention and interaction.

This is a special offer for early adopters who want the benefit of more time to engage directly with me. It is ideal for leaders who also like the idea of partnership and would like to give me feedback on how to make the course better.

The course has four key components:


Each week we start a module with a few short videos for you to watch on your own schedule, a total of 4 modules.


Modules will include suggestions and tips for how to put what you are learning into action.


In this weekly 90-minute video conference Q&A, I will highlight key strategies, answer questions and coach participants on real issues in real time. 


We will have a private group where you can ask questions, get and give support to one another, and get my coaching and feedback.

The course takes place over 6 weeks, and includes 5 zoom video-conference calls, once a week on Tuesdays, 12 pm PST. The calls are recorded so you can watch anytime.

Special bonus: 1-hour individual coaching call with me. 

Interested? Questions? Send me an email, or set up a free consultation via the link at the bottom of the page. 

The Results Accelerator Course has 4 modules. Throughout each module we will work on your workplace challenges in real time.

Module 1        
The Fundamentals: Increase your Impact through Awareness

  • A powerful 4-step process that shifts your self-awareness and awareness of others, so you are able to see new possibilities
  • The 3 key distinctions that will make you more effective in your assessments of people and situations
  • Identify your leadership edge—where you want to grow and the results you want

Module 2        
Core Practices for Generating Extraordinary Results

  • 4 key elements that are often missing, but are essential to generating results
  • 3 additional areas you need to be aware of when setting goals
  • Understanding the growth vs. fixed mindset and how this can impact your goals

Module 3      
 Expand Your Comfort Zone

  • How to handle powerful emotional triggers so they don't sabotage your success as a leader
  • 5 key tools to turn discomfort into an opportunity for expansion and growth
  • Understanding how your experience of conflict, complexity, and change impacts your leadership
  • How to master difficult conversations and create win/win outcomes

Module 4        
When Things Go Wrong – turning breakdowns into breakthroughs

  • How to fail forward and turn mistakes into critical learning opportunities   
  • The attitudes and behaviors that lead to more extraordinary results
  • How to assess the 4 major areas contributing to breakdowns and quickly learn from your review 

Plus learn how neuroscience plays a critical role in your success. 

If you any have questions or want to discuss whether this is right for you, please email me at deborah@naishpartners or use the free consultation link below to set up time to talk.

Wondering if this is right for you? 

There are many online programs available for leadership training. The Results Accelerator Course (TRAC) is more than an information product—it is an experiential learning opportunity.

While you will receive great information (including tools, tips, and frameworks) for how to become a more effective leader, this program is for those who want to do more than passively watch the videos and read the material. TRAC is for those who want to practice their new skills and get real-time feedback, engage in a dialogue, and get support.

In this program I will share my personal transformation experiences and what I have learned in over 30 years of working in companies from the Fortune 500 to start-ups (from being a marketing manager to a CEO, and then a consultant with companies of all sizes).

I will be your strategic thought partner, trusted advisor, and leadership curator, bringing you the best of classic and current leadership gurus and the latest in neuroscience. (Please look at the Welcome and About pages to learn more about me.)

One more thing that may help. This is not for you if you are...

  • Suffering at work and not ready to give that up
  • Not willing to make commitments and take time to practice
  • Looking for a magic wand with the answers

This is PERFECT for you if you... 

  • Are a business owner, executive or senior level leader
  • Have direct reports or lead teams
  • Know the value of investing in yourself and your business 
  • Feel successful and sometimes you get stuck 
  • Want to learn how to navigate difficult conversations or situations
  • Want to be an even more effective leader 
  • Believe there is more you could be doing – and would value guidance on how to get there

And you are...

  • Passionate about what you do
  • Goal and impact oriented
  • Coachable 
  • Busy, overextended and only ready to take on something that is worth your time and effort!

Hope to see you in the course!