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higher sales & profits
dynamic leadership
+ aligned & effective staff
+ creative & productive teams
+ consistent & sustainable innovation
+ social responsibility


Our work is based on the premise that personal transformation leads to business results.


Business consultant, coach, retreat and workshop leader
Three decades of leading and driving change
And generating extraordinary results

I work with senior leaders to get you and your organization to The Next Level

Your success depends as much—if not more—on who you are as it does on what you do. I guide you to shift the way you work by changing who you are being which leads to changes in what you are doing and the results you are getting.



Invite you to see possibilities you have not seen before and to see your blind spots – help you to think differently - then to take action

Show you how to reframe for greater impact

Dive into complex systems and synthesize information in ways that gets people moving forward

Look at systems holistically – not just the ‘known’ issue

Create spaces for people to talk and share in ways they otherwise would not

Diffuse conflict situations -- leading to resolutions and constructive outcomes

Working with...

  • Business Owners and CEO
  • COOs and other Executive Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Corporate Intrapreneurs

working at...

  • Early Stage and High Growth Companies
  • Social Entrepreneurial Companies
  • Established, Vibrant Companies
  • Dynamic Non-Profit Organizations

as your... 

  • Strategic Thought Partner
  • Results Accelerator
  • Change Instigator
  • Strategy Architect
  • Innovation Activator


Are you facing challenges in any of these areas?

  • Vision, Strategy, and Goals
  • Culture Building
  • Organization Structure and Dynamics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Dynamic Meeting Design and Facilitation

Take The Challenges Assessment to see where you are.

Are you ready to make a commitment to and an investment in your organization?

People, Culture, Practices, and Processes

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Results Accelerator Program
For leaders in small to mid-size companies

Get yourself to the Next LEVEL
So you can shift your business to the Next Level
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Shift – to the Next Level
Executive Leadership Retreat
for Women CEOs and Executive Directors of Nonprofits

February 2–5, 2017
Miraval Resort and Spa
Tucson, Arizona
Award-winning wellness destination and luxury spa

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