Are you hiding?



As we begin the new year, many of us are thinking about what is important in our work. In addition to setting goals, I invite you to consider: What conversation or situation are you avoiding at work?

Recently I interviewed business leaders about their biggest challenges. One theme that kept coming up was that we avoid difficult conversations and situation.

And often we are not even conscious we are doing it. We say there are ‘reasons’.

For example, Michelle, a successful, senior level executive, had concerns about Jason, a social media consultant she had hired. He wasn’t getting done what he agreed to do. There were reasons of course. He has a health issue and he was busy. 

Michelle, a compassionate, understanding person, wanted to be supportive. Jason had other clients and did appear to be working on their projects.

Michelle hadn’t talked with Jason about her concerns. After our conversation, she realized she was AVOIDING talking with him about this. No doubt it was costing her time and energy, and creating stress.

Then there is Richard, CEO of a high-growth tech company. He and his team were missing out on key sales opportunities. Richard realized he was avoiding talking to his sales VP about this. He recognized he was 'being too nice'.

Can you relate?
What are you avoiding?

Difficult conversations ARE often uncomfortable.

Here’s the rub:
Being uncomfortable and doing it anyway is what you must do. Successful leaders learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Ever find yourself ruminating, angry, frustrated or annoyed about someone or something? If you notice you are talking about it, but not doing anything, that’s a strong clue you may be experiencing ‘avoidance.’

I created the 3-step ACT Now! model for myself and my clients to use when avoidance may be the issue. The goal is to learn how to move from avoidance to action, so you can have more impact and better results.

The ACT Now! Model is straightforward:

Acknowledge and Assess
Clarify what you want
Take action

Seems simple, right?

It can be once you are practicing these steps.

I put together a pdf that guides you through The ACT Now! Model.

Using this free guide, you will:

  • Learn 3 key reasons we avoid difficult conversations and situations
  • Determine what avoidance is costing you and your organization
  • Review a series of questions for each of the 3-steps, that will move you from avoidance to action

Sometimes we need that nudge to take action that will make a difference for ourselves and for those with whom we work.

I invite you to download the ACT Now! Model and put this in your leadership toolbox.

When you practice stepping into your ‘discomfort zone’ and learn to successfully navigate these situations, you will enhance who you are as a leader.

Enjoy the journey,


Deborah Naish