Join us for the 


A unique leadership retreat for women CEOs &
executive directors of nonprofit organizations

 At the Miraval Resort and Spa
A luxury wellness resort dedicated to inspiring life in balance located in Tucson, Arizona
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Do you feel the pressure of 'not enough time or resources' and at least occasionally, feel stressed and overwhelmed? And, are you interested in becoming a more dynamic leader?

There is always more to do than we have time or resources for, right?

As nonprofit executives we are usually driven to keep doing more and more, often depleting our personal reserves. Our work can be all encompassing, we have a strong commitment to fulfilling our organization’s mission, and we are busy!!

That’s why we created this retreatfor busy, dedicated people like us.

Susan Thornton, CEO of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation, and I met at workshop. We had both been to Miraval and asked ourselves: what if you could go to a retreat where there is time for personal renewal (spa treatments, exercise classes, yoga, outdoor activities, delicious, nutritious food, and much more), as well as coaching to enhance your leadership skills, and time to address specific opportunities and challenges you face in your organization?

What if, when you leave the retreat you could…

Have a bigger impact in your organization with greater ease?
Increase the speed with which your team generates results?
Address obstacles and challenges with a sense of flow?

Regarding your board and staff, what if you could…

Learn what shifts you can make to create more harmony?
Ensure everyone has more clarity about their responsibilities?
Be more in sync with them?

You can have all of this when you join us at The Next Level Retreat!


You'll learn new frameworks for leadership as we look at ourselves and our organizations, and share our wisdom with each other. You'll leave with real, practical tools and advice, designed to address issues you are dealing with in your organization. In addition, you'll have sense of rejuvenation and create new relationships with extraordinary, like-minded women, which may extend long after the workshop. 

The program includes plenty of time for personal renewal, and we encourage you to take advantage of the discounted resort pricing by adding some additional days!

Together we will learn, practice, and support each other on our journey of giving to our communities—and have fun in the process! We will be a small group, ensuring the program will be highly interactive with lots of attention for each individual.

In the leadership sessions you will:

  • Fill your own cup so you can lead and inspire others with more impact
  • Learn how to increase your self-awareness and access the power that comes with doing that
  • Develop the ability to see your patterns and how to change them to create the outcomes you want
  • Recognize when you are stuck and learn to adjust with velocity
  • Learn 5 keys to effectively facilitate change and deal with resistance

Plus you will:

  • Work on timely issues you are dealing with in your organization
  • Connect with other extraordinary women who are doing big things in the world
  • Learn from us and from each other
  • Be pampered and nurtured in a beautiful spa resort

When you take time to nurture yourself, what you are able to give to your organization and to your team multiplies significantly! If you are already someone who gets this—bravo, this retreat is perfect for you! If it is not so natural for you to take time for yourself, and yet, you really do know in your heart that you will benefit from being at this retreat—now is the time to take that leap!

Magic happens when we bring together creative, dynamic, passionate women who are making a difference in their world and the world.

Let's create some magic at the Miraval Resort and Spa.

The Details

Deborah Naish and Susan Thornton lead this 4-day leadership program designed for women CEOs and executive directors of nonprofit organizations at the luxurious Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

In addition to what is mentioned above, the program sessions will address:

  • Conscious leadership & mindful collaboration 
  • Uncovering our blind spots and seeing new possibilities 
  • Exploring ways in which we hold ourselves back from playing big
  • Listening to our many inner voices and how to manage the ‘voices’ gallery
  • Exploring the paradoxes that we face as leaders and why you need to be mindful of them


The program starts at 5:30 pm on Thursday. We suggest you arrive early on Thursday (or come earlier in the week) to take full advantage of the resort facilities: hang out, get treatments, go to the spa or take classes. The leadership sessions are interspersed throughout the retreat which allows time for you to enjoy what Miraval offers. We will have some meals together as a group and others you will have on your own. 

Arrive anytime
5:30pm–8:30pm | Session 1 & dinner

11:00am–2:30pm | Session 2 & lunch
6:00pm–9:30pm | Session 3 & dinner

9:00am–11:30am | Session 4
6:30pm–9:30pm | Session 5 & dinner

10:30am–1pm | Session 6


Spaces for the retreat are limited, so reserve your spot as soon as possible. You will book accommodations directly with the Miraval Resort & Spa and we will send you details about accommodation reservations once you register for the retreat. 

If you would like to pay for the retreat with a check from your organization rather than credit card, just let me know.


Includes the leadership workshop from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon, plus two bonuses: two individual 1-hour phone coaching sessions with Deborah, one before and one after the retreat ($1,000 value), and two 90-minute group video calls, one before and one after the retreat ($400 value).


You will book accommodations directly with Miraval. We have a great offer for Next Level Retreat participants and their friends at a discount off their online rates. 

Miraval is an all-inclusive resort and their room rates include gourmet meals and a nightly credit to be used for spa services or other activities. The pricing below is for a double occupancy option (we will connect you with a roommate or invite a friend or significant other who will enjoy the same discount, even if they don't attend the Leadership Program). Single occupancy options are also available at approx. $200 more per night, and other rooms are available for a discount as well.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.21.52 PM.png

Luxurious, casita-style accommodations for two, includes:

  • Nightly resort credit, per person to use toward spa services, private sessions, and activities
  • Three delicious, healthy, gourmet meals a day
  • All-day smoothie bar, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Wellness activities, daily fitness, yoga and meditation classes, group lectures and other experiences
  • Access to the gorgeous Life in Balance Spa
  • Three resort pools and 24-hour access to state-of-the-art Body Mindfulness Fitness Center
  • Personal Experience Advisor to plan your perfect stay
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary shared shuttle from and to Tucson airport

Check out the Miraval website to learn more about this beautiful resort.

We hope you will come early and/or stay an extra night or two to enjoy the resort at the special rates.

Wondering if this is right for you?

Just to be clear, this is not for you if you are:

  • Looking for a magic wand with the answers
  • New to the workforce
  • In the midst of some serious struggles at work (Deborah would be happy to talk with you about resources to support you)

This is perfect for you if you:

  • Love the idea of taking care of yourself AND improving your leadership skills
  • Feel good about how you are doing at work and are ready to get to the next level
  • Appreciate learning from others
  • Are willing to let your hair down (so to speak)
  • Value personal growth (even if you don’t have much experience in this)
  • Are ready to fill your tank!

If you are like Susan and I, and love the idea of having a great reason to go to a spa, feel overextended, and are only ready to participate in something that is really worth your timeplease join us at The Next Level Retreat.

Contact me if you are interested and want more information.

If you know other women CEOs or executive directors of nonprofits who would enjoy and benefit from this retreat, please invite them to the website and feel free to share this on your favorite social media.

I look forward to meeting you!